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Taking the Search Out of Online Real Estate Searches

United Country has been the place to search for specialty properties for years. Our agents are experts in all types of properties, from waterfront to historic to recreational to commercial, and our website allows users to search by property type.

Turning Your Land into a Hunter’s Paradise

There is a lot you can do with quality land. Even though it may take a little time, owning even a small piece of land and putting in a little effort can make all of your hunting dreams become a

Real Estate Auction Industry: The Rise of a New Era

Over the last decade big things have been changing in real estate sales and the biggest change … the auction market. For a long time, the auction industry was primarily considered a fix to relieve the market of distressed or

Using a Great Auctioneer is as Good as SOLD

It’s no secret that sellers have more options than ever before when selling their property. If you’re looking to sell quickly and for fair market value, an auction could be the best method for you. Aside from knowing when you’re

Looking Back: The Year of 1925 Was a Big One!

As we celebrate United Country’s 85 years of heritage this month, we can’t help but take note of the other exciting things that happened in 1925, the year United was founded by Roscoe Chamberlain.

For example, The Great Gatsby by F.

A New Year!

Welcome to 2012, everyone! A new year always brings new opportunities, and 2012 is no exception. As United Country President Mike Duffy recently posted on Facebook, “This year is going to be THE transition year!” Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “transition” as an “evolution